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Delivering high quality COKE / Buy MDMA XTC PILLS / Buy Fentanyl / Buy KETAMINE for a satisfying price.
We care a lot about giving you the BEST quality and PUREST experience possible.
You can trust our team and we are looking forward to work with you!

  • We strive to process the order a.s.a.p (within 24 hours).
  • All orders will be shipped from the Netherlands.
  • We ship to the Netherlands EU and some other parts worldwide but after corresponding in chat.
  • Everything will be double vacuum sealed we have our very own good working stealth methods for any kind of delivery.
  • For BULK order EUROPE we have also tracking available
  • All our products are lab tested and 100% pure.
  • Reach out to us if someting went wrong
    ★━━★━━★━━★Legit Ketamine★━━★━━★━━★

When you make an order, you agree to our Terms of Service:

Our team always cooperate with customers and will always try to find a fitting solution for both parties.
For that we expect reasonability in finding any solution.
Please always contact us about any inquiry and stay respectfully while communicating

We have a very good succes rate, only sometimes small problems are given by US. Also rest of the world is at your risk, we do NOT take responsibility for this.
These prices and quality are not normal for the rest of world so its up to you if you want to risk this or not.

We will do everything to succeed order, with best stealth and even decoy and always upgrade this based on our delivery results.
For EU we can assure you your order will arrive safely 🙂

ESTIMATED Delivery time:

Netherlands: 1-2 days
Spain: 3-5 days
UK: 2-4 days
US: 4-7 days
Australia: 10-15 days
Belgium: 1-2 days
Canada: 4-7 days
France: 2-3 days
Germany: 2-3 days
Italy: 3-5 days





We have a 50% reship policy for returning trusted customers only.


Orders to post-offices and other pick-up places (e.g. PO Box) as such are at your own risk; no re-ship policy there !


Also, no reship for any kind of shipping info sent unencrypted, or incomplete addresses !



NO reship for the following countries (we do ship there, but it is at ur own risk, no reship or refund if order doesn’t arrive):

  • Australia
  • Italy



You can always contact us whenever you please, whether it be an issue with your order or some information you would like to get (e.g. special orders). Feel free to this by direct message, or by email:



You can always reach us on this mail.

★━━★━━★━━★Legit Ketamine★━━★━━★━━★

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