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MXE,  Methoxetamine
Form: White Powder
Purity (HPCL): ≥98%
Stability: 2 Years
Min Order: 30 grams


Buy MXE Online

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Buy Methoxetamine Online

Methoxetamine (MXE) is a drug described as dissociative and it is synthetically made. It has similar results to ketamine but lasts longer and is stronger, although many of the long and short term effects of it are not yet known. It is favoured over ketamine because there is a thought that it does not lead to the bladder problems associated with ketamine, which can be very painful and lead to surgical removal of the bladder, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

MXE is stronger than ketamine. It does have other possible effects not associated with ketamine such as slurred speech, unsteady on the feet, poor coordination and loss of balance. The reason that it is taken is that it gives a feeling of euphoria, warmth and enlightenment. It also makes the person feel detached from the world around them. As it is so closely similar to Ketamine the effects are very similar which includes the risks as well as the effects.

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Due to its chemical structure, it was originally thought that it has opioid properties but this has never been proved. As a fairly new drug, there is not a lot of evidence about symptoms of long term use. However, it does cause hallucinations, gives extra energy or edginess or in some cases chilled out. The drug is illegal in many countries due to its possible health risks. Buy MXE online

Buy Methoxetamine (MXE) Online

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